Avery Dennison Nano Fusion

Avery Dennison Nano Fusion

Avery Dennison’s Nano Fusion urethane films have a life time warranty against yellowing and staining. As a stone impingement product for automotive finishes, protecting the paint from the harmful effects of stone chips and abrasion. Nano Fusion is noted for it’s extreme ease of installation, superior clarity, and high gloss. Approved and used by Automotive OEM’s, these flexible films provide good resistance to the damaging effects of U.V., while allowing the brilliance of the automotive finish to come through.

For maximum performance of Nano Fusion, it is recommended that frequent washings, and care consistent with the automobile manufacturers recommendations for the exterior surfaces of the vehicle be used. An application of a high quality automotive wax after installation and at recommended intervals will help retain the lustre and performance of the product.

Avery Dennison’s Nano Fusion can be removed from any OEM paint surface by first softening the film and adhesive using a hair dryer or heat gun, and pulling the film off at approx. 90° angle. If any sections are known to have been repainted, extreme care should be taken on those sections during removal, assuring that complete warming of the the surface has been been fully achieved, and removal of film should be pulled off slowly, while continuously heating the film at the peel point during the removal.

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